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Rogue Tree Services your Trusted Tree Care Experts in Grants Pass and Surrounding Areas

Rogue Tree Services: Growing with Grants Pass

Complete Tree Care: We're Grants Pass' trusted experts for

tree removal, stump grinding, tree health assessments

, and more. Our local arborists provide consulting, preservation, planting, transplantation, and risk assessments.

Healthy Trees, Healthy Community: Eco-friendly services keep your trees thriving, enhancing your property and our environment.

Free Consultations: Discover how Rogue Tree Services can elevate your landscape.

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cutting tree down
diseased tree cut down
emergency tree removal

The Best Affordable Tree Services in Grants Pass and Southern Oregon

Tree Removal

Tree causing trouble? Our crew tackles any removal safely and cleanly. Get a free quote today!

man removing tree
stump grinding

Stump Removal/Grinding

Unsightly stump? We grind it down fast, leaving your yard smooth. Breathe new life into your landscape!

Stump Grinding

Emergency Tree Service

Tree trouble after hours? We're here 24/7! Get a fast response for storm damage and other tree emergencies.

tree fallen on powerlines over road
pruning tree for fuel reduction

Wildfire Fuel Reduction

Wildfire worries? We reduce fire risk with expert thinning and controlled burns. Protect your property and our community.

pruning tree for fuel reduction

Tree Trimming

Trees overgrown? We trim for beauty and health, removing dead branches and letting in more sunlight. Call Rogue!

Tree Consultation

Need tree advice? Our experts assess your trees, recommend care, and maximize their health and beauty.

Tree Planting

Add beauty to your yard! We plant the right trees for your soil and sun, enhancing your landscape and our environment.

Tree Health Assessment

Worried about your trees? Our arborists check their health, find problems, and create a plan to keep them thriving.

Tree Transplanting

Moving a tree? We use special tools to safely relocate it to its new home, minimizing stress and maximizing success.

Tree Risk Assessment

Is your tree a hazard? We assess risk, find weak branches, and help you keep your property safe.

Arborist Reports

Need a tree expert opinion? Our certified arborists provide detailed reports for property decisions, insurance, and tree care planning.

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